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Ground Floor

Through the massive archway and down two steps and you are in the dining room. Five hundred years ago, horse drawn carts and pedestrians once passed through here into the castle courtyard. Today it is rather different. The stone slab floors remain, but now they are warmed with under floor heating; this is especially popular with visiting dogs! A long oak table with majestic seats provides a suitable place to dine in style.

"It is such a tranquil and peaceful place to stay, we feel privileged to have shared it and the wonderful atmosphere of such a historical building"

The massive oak timbers in the roof were carved to lighten their effect back in 1560. This is a room with a view. The archway which faces west has massive oak framed glass doors so that you can enjoy the Teesdale landscape. However if you want to shut out the weather and the rest of the world, two enormous oak doors with iron hinges can be closed over them.


Tudor Dining


Courtyard entrance, gardens and byres



Spiral Stair

Living Room