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Tudor Dining at Scargill Castle

The Tudors loved rich flavours and were happy to mix sweet and savoury together. There were no fixed courses so everything could go on the table at once; or you may prefer to linger longer over one or two dishes at a time. In some cases, the very rich would retire to a separate Banqueting House for small sweetmeats – there is no banqueting house at Scargill (yet!), but you might like to take your banqueting sweetmeats upstairs to the living room at the end of your banquet and nibble them in front of the wood burning stove?

"We enjoyed this experience very much; it complemented Scargill Castle perfectly."

Tudor Banquet

We have created a Tudor banquet designed for you to heat up at your own convenience at Scargill Castle. We will make sure that your food is in the fridge when you arrive. Instructions will be provided but will usually require only popping a dish in the oven or even the microwave (not entirely Tudor!) and garnishing with either food provided or flowers or herbs from the gardens at Scargill. We will also provide a small bottle of cider and another of local ale to accompany your meal and you can always supplement the banquet with more drink of your own. Remember your holiday also includes a bottle of wine in your hamper and fresh fruit which can form a centre piece to your banqueting table. Please see the separate Tudor Banquet Menu for further details. The Tudor Banquet costs £90 and serves two generously.

If you would prefer someone to cook and serve the meal for you, please let us know as this can be arranged at additional cost.

Dowager’s Delight (serves two) £28.50

If a banquet seems too indulgent, why not scale down and enjoy a simple Dowager’s supper which can be enjoyed in the dining room or the informal kitchen or living room dining areas? This consists of Raby Castle Venison or a Teesdale lamb dish cooked in claret and served with sippets. Sippets were the Tudor equivalent of croutons and we provide some home made sea salt and rosemary bread for you to toast and cut into shapes – or if you prefer, just tear and share. The dish will be delivered ready to pop in the oven at your convenience.

"The Dowager's Delight was really good value, especially as the quantity allowed us to get 2 meals out of it...Really tasty!!"

Peasant’s Pottage (serves two) £12.50

Most people in Tudor England were peasants and so this dish is a simple economical supper dish that is hearty enough to see you through a day’s ploughing in the field! Vegetables did not feature high on the menu for the rich, as they were considered more suitable for poor people, but the peasant’s pottage, a wholesome combination of soup and casserole, is filled with vegetables and pulses and served with crusty home made organic bread. The pottage is delivered ready to be heated up on the stove top, microwave or oven.

If you would like to book your Tudor meal, please order at least two weeks before your stay at Scargill Castle at Don't worry if you have left it a bit late, Rachel might still manage to accommodate you. Payment by cheque is requested once you have ordered and your order will not be confirmed until payment is received. Cheques should be made payable to Rachel Markham and the address to send it to will be provided when you order. Remember to tell Rachel when you are due to arrive at Scargill Castle. If you are vegetarian, let her know and she will see if an alternative can be cooked up just for you. Finally, do tell Rachel if you are bringing a dog to Scargill and she will include some tasty morsels just for the dog.